Healing Your Body and Promote Relaxation with Acupuncture or our BioHacking Treatment at Healing Elements Day Spa.

Acupuncture Menu

  • New Clients 1 ½ hour: $115

  • Acupuncture 1 hour: $85

  • Acupuncture ½ hour:  $50

  • Bodywork:
    1/2 hour $50

    1 hour: $85
    1 ½ hour $115

    Deep Pressure Bodywork

    1/2 hour: $55

    1 hour: $95

    1 1/2 hour: $130

BioHacking Treatment

  • BioHacking Treatment –   A Touchless Wellness Service   $60   1 hour 

    4 State of the Art Modalities

    Infrared PEMF Technology Mat (HigherDose – to relax the nervous system by regulating energy stored in the body), Light therapy 20 minutes (combination of red, blue and amber light to boost circulation, generate collagen and improve cell turnover), Neuroscience (NuCalm – a patented neuroacoustic headset that calms the mind and nervous system) and Compression Therapy (Normatec by Hyperice compression boots increase circulation and reduce inflammation)

    It promotes well-being at the cellular level and helps reduce stress, improve sleep and enhance overall quality of life. 

    NuCalm available in:

    Ignite  High energy   39 HZ-41 HZ  Gamma Range  15 minute session (Achieve high-intensity Peak performance)

    Focus   Mental clarity   15-20 HZ  Low Beta   Up to 45 minute session (Improve Concentration and comprehension)

    NuCalm  Recovery & Resilience  4-12 HZ  Alpha-Theta  Basic session up to 1 1/2 hour  (Lower stress, accelerate recovery and achieve balance)

    Deep Sleep   Sleep   .5-4 HZ  Delta     50 minutes with only 20 minutes in REM (Get to sleep faster without drugs and side effects)

  • BioHacking Treatment   1/2 hour   $30

  • BioHacking Treatment      $90   1 1/2 hour