Vichy shower

A shower therapy consisting of nine water jets of varying temperatures and pressures applied to the body. Let the feeling of a thousand rain drops sooth your aches and calm your mind.

  • Water Massage: 1 Hour – $75
    A tropical rainstorm for your body.  Let the Element of Water and our nine-headed Vichy Shower wash your stress right down the drain.
  • Vichy shower (add-on): 1/2 Hour – $45
    An introduction to the vichy shower – exfoliation and hydration
  • Season of Elements – $70 (scent is customized to you)
    Remove lifeless skin with our seasonal sugar scrub as we rejuvenate your whole body with a Vichy shower and seasonal hydrating lotion.

Float Pool – Float Therapy  1 hour  $60

Float Pool –  1 1/2 hour float  $75


HE Signature Wraps

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  • Dead Sea Mud Wrap – $75
    Soothe, heal and cleanse the body and mind!  Let the healing properties of our warm dead sea mud and essential oils vanish fatigue and stress.
  • Seaweed Mud Wrap – $75
    Stimulate and detoxify your body into a beautiful glow.  Let us exfoliate your body and massage you with our seaweed mud, which is infused with green tea extract, vitamin E, amino acids and kelp.
  • *  All prices are subject to change at any time